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Trump Rallies for Oil and Gas

Thousands Cheer on Trump at Houston-Area Event

Behind a backdrop of American flags and oil and gas drilling machinery, former President Donald Trump held a rally yesterday afternoon that drew a crowd of thousands of attendees. The event was held outside of Houston at the facilities of Trendsetter Engineering, which describes itself as “a premier provider of specialized subsea solutions for oil and gas companies across the globe.”

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, and Congressman Wesley Hunt delivered introductory remarks at the event. Hunt, who Trump described as “a man with an unlimited future,” was singled out for praise by Trump several times during his speech. 

Also attending the event were several members of the State Republican Executive Committee, including Republican Party of Texas Vice-Chair Dr. Dana Myers. Republican Party of Texas State Chairman Matt Rinaldi, who has frequently praised Florida Governor and Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, was not in attendance. 

Speaking for an hour and a half on a variety of topics, Trump focused much of his speech on his support for the oil and gas industry. Trump was critical of President Biden’s stance on energy policy, stating, “On day one of our new administration, we will end Biden’s nation-wrecking war on American energy.” 

Trump pointed to Germany as an example of a nation with a failed energy policy and expressed concern that President Biden was heading down that path. “Their whole economy went to hell,” said Trump. “They tried this Green New Deal bullshit, and it didn’t work.”

Biden’s energy policies were also pointed to as a cause of increases in inflation. “Crooked Joe’s green new energy calamity is one of the biggest factors causing the inflation disaster, which is about the worst we’ve ever had. The typical American family is paying more than $2,250 in increased energy costs since Biden took office. That’s a lot,” said Trump.

Border security and illegal immigration were also focuses of Trump’s speech. “We’re gonna have to have a massive deportation effort,” remarked Trump, who also noted that illegal immigrants are entering the United States from jails and other countries are “dumping people from their mental institutions and insane asylums.”

Trump also touched on cultural issues during his speech, decrying child genital mutilation and the participation of men in women’s sports.

Trump closed his remarks by emphasizing the importance of the 2024 election and his support of Texas.

“It’s the most important election of our lives, and I love your state. I’ll always take care of your state. Go out and vote, and we’re going to make America great again. We’re going to make it greater than ever before.”

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