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George Soros Spending Big to Help Sheila Jackson Lee

Soros Donated $250,000 to Texas Organizing Project PAC

Democratic megadonor George Soros may live in New York City but is spending big to influence municipal elections in the City of Houston. 

According to campaign finance reports on file with the Texas Ethics Commission, the Texas Organizing Project PAC spent $398,593.09 during the time period between September 29 and October 28. The vast majority of these expenditures were for canvassing and other campaign activities related to the upcoming elections for the City of Houston. Soros is the largest donor to the Texas Organizing Project PAC in recent months, having contributed $250,000 to the PAC in recent months. 

Houston municipal candidates endorsed by the Texas Organizing Project include Mayoral candidate Sheila Jackson Lee, Tarsha Jackson for City Council District B, Lloyd Ford for City Council District D, and Dr. Letitia Plummer for City Council At-Large Position 4. 

TOP is also supporting Houston Proposition B, the so-called “Fair for Houston” charter amendment, which proposes to increase the City of Houston’s influence on the Houston-Galveston Area Council. Other supporters of Proposition B include the Houston chapter of Democratic Socialists of America, the AFL-CIO, and the Coalition for Environment, Equity, and Resilience.

The Texas Organizing Project has close ties to Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, who was an early endorser of Jackson Lee’s mayoral campaign. The organization advocates for a variety of leftwing causes, including ending what the organization describes as “mass incarceration” of racial minorities. In a tweet about Soros’ large donation to the Texas Organizing Project, former Harris County Judge candidate Alexandra Mealer stated, “TOP works year around to elect candidates in favor of dismantling the criminal justice system so no surprise on [Soros’ donation].”

Other issues where the Texas Organizing Project is engaged include illegal immigration, election integrity, climate change, healthcare, and climate change. 

Jackson Lee, who has served as a Congresswoman since 1995, has come under fire recently after an audio recording of Jackson Lee verbally abusing a staff member with a profanity-laced tirade circulated online. In a statement released in response to the recording, Jackson Lee blamed the release of the recording on a “political opponent” looking to “exploit” the situation.

The Texas Voice previously reported that Jackson Lee accepted $12,000 in illegal corporate contributions. Jackson Lee’s campaign has since reported returning these donations. 

Nationally known Democrats have some to Jackson Lee’s aid during the course of her campaign. National figures who have donated to her campaign include former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Beto O’Rourke, and California Congressman Eric Swalwell. Jackson Lee’s campaign also recently hosted a campaign rally headlined by Hillary Clinton. 

Election Day for the Houston municipal election is November 7. 

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