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Texas Scorecard Writer Was Presidential Elector for Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theorist

Adam Cahn Accused Trump of Being “In On” Jeffrey Epstein's Death

A writer whose articles have appeared frequently on the website “Texas Scorecard” served as a Presidential Elector in 2020 for write-in candidate Robert Morrow, an anti-Trump conspiracy theorist. Morrow, who gained some level of notoriety in 2016 after his surprise election as Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party, is also notorious for making sexually graphic comments in public and on social media. 

Adam Cahn, whose byline has appeared on Texas Scorecard’s website ten times over the last six weeks, was listed as a Presidential Elector for Morrow in the 2020 Presidential Election on the Certificate of Ascertainment sent to the National Archives by the Texas Secretary of State. The Texas Voice has also obtained a copy of the form signed by Cahn in which he consented to serve as a Presidential Elector for Morrow. 

Morrow has frequently criticized President Donald Trump and would often appear in public carrying a large sign accusing Trump of being a “child rapist.” Morrow also unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for a State Board of Education seat in 2020. The Texas Tribune reported that Morrow’s top campaign issue in his campaign for the State Board of Education was “to impeach, convict and remove Donald Trump and throw his sorry ass in prison.”

The Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution opposing Morrow’s candidacy for the State Board of Education, citing his “history of misogynist and vulgar language” and his “outrageous and slanderous allegations about President Trump” and other prominent Republicans. 

Morrow is currently seeking a position on the Eanes ISD School Board in the Austin area. In a candidate questionnaire posted online by the League of Women Voters, Morrow states that he supports having a “hot teacher contest” to attract and retain teachers and is concerned about “Zionist propaganda in our schools.” Morrow also wrote that students should be taught “about Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians” and that students should “know in graphic terms the mass murder that the illegitimate state of Israel is exacting on the Palestinians.”

Anti-Israel rhetoric is nothing new for Morrow. The Times of Israel profiled Morrow in 2016 after he was elected Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party and highlighted past comments he had made critical of America’s support of Israel. The article also referenced supportive comments Morrow had made regarding well-known anti-semites. Morrow’s tenure as leader of the Travis County Republican Party was short-lived, serving for just over two months before relinquishing the position in order to run for President as a write-in candidate.

A review of Cahn’s social media reveals that not only did he vote for Morrow’s failed write-in presidential campaigns in 2016 and 2020, but he has also indicated a willingness to vote for Morrow again this year should he once again seek the Presidency.

I’d vote for [Morrow] for the third consecutive election,” said Cahn, responding to a tweet last year regarding a hypothetical Republican Presidential ticket of Donald Trump and Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In a 2022 tweet, Cahn also said he would “almost certainly vote for [Morrow] a third time” in response to a post asking Twitter users who they would vote for in a 2024 matchup between Trump and President Joe Biden. 

Cahn has also made social media posts echoing some of the anti-Trump conspiracy theories promoted by Morrow. In a tweet last year responding to a post by Morrow, Cahn expressed his belief that President Trump was “absolutely guaranteed” to have been “in on” the death of Jeffrey Epstein. 

In a separate tweet last year, Cahn replied to a post featuring a photograph of a flag reading “Death Penalty for Pedophiles” by saying, “Biden’s certainly a creep, but Trump is the Epstein associate.”

Texas Scorecard, the website where Cahn’s articles regularly appear, is part of a politically active network of organizations largely funded by prominent political donors Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks. Last year, The Texas Voice reported that Texas Scorecard had published false information about conservative State Representative Stephanie Klick’s voting record. Dunn, who once donated $500,000 to a SuperPAC that helped Beto O’Rourke win his first election to Congress, serves as a director of Texas Scorecard’s parent organization. 

Campaign finance records on file with the Texas Ethics Commission show that Cahn has made two modest donations to David Covey’s campaign for State Representative against Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan. Political action committees funded by Wilks and Dunn have been the largest donors to Covey’s campaign. 

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