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Texas Scorecard Acknowledges It Lied About Klick (Sort Of)

Website Demonstrates Lack of Fact Checking, Editorial Controls

Yesterday, The Texas Voice wrote about a factually inaccurate article posted by Texas Scorecard regarding State Representative Stephanie Klick. As originally published, the Texas Scorecard article claimed that Klick had voted for HB 2843 to legalize casino gambling in Texas. Had Texas Scorecard cared enough about the accuracy of its reporting to fact check its article by looking at the Texas House Journal, they would have discovered that Klick had in fact voted against the bill. The Texas Scorecard article also contained other false claims about Klick’s record in the Texas House.

After The Texas Voice highlighted the lies published by Texas Scorecard about Klick, Texas Scorecard quietly revised the article to include a purported “correction” that said “CORRECTION: A previous version of this article claimed Klick voted to legalize casino gambling when she instead voted to legalize sports wagering. The following article has been updated with the correction.”

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With Texas Scorecard’s disregard for fact checking and editorial controls on full display, the revised article replaced the false claim about Klick’s vote on casino gambling with yet another false claim- that she had voted “to allow sports betting in Texas through HB 1942.” Yet again, had anybody from the Texas Scorecard bothered to review the House Journal, they would have learned that Klick voted against House Bill 1942 on both second and third readings.

As soon as The Texas Voice became aware of the new lie being published by Texas Scorecard, it updated its article about Texas Scorecard’s reporting to include this new information.   

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After The Texas Voice shined a light- again- on Texas Scorecard’s publication of falsehoods, Texas Scorecard corrected its previous “correction” and revised its article once more to remove its lie about Klick’s vote on House Bill 1942.

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Texas Scorecard’s new correction did not reference the fact that their prior purported “correction” had also contained false information about Klick’s voting record.

While the latest revision to Texas Scorecard’s article removes the false statements about Klick’s votes on gambling, it did not retract other false claims about Klick’s record that were highlighted by The Texas Voice.

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