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Texas GOP Federal Cash on Hand Reaches Decade-Plus Low

FEC Year-End Report Shows RPT with $125k in Federal Account, Lowest Since 2009

In a campaign finance report filed by the Republican Party of Texas with the Federal Election Commission, the Republican Party of Texas reported $125,654.27 on hand in its federal account as of 12/31/2022. This amount is the lowest year-end federal cash on hand reported by the Texas GOP since the Party ended 2009 in massive debt.

The Republican Party of Texas also maintains a state account, where campaign finance reports are filed with the Texas Ethics Commission. Federal account dollars are generally considered the most critical funds raised by a political party, as expenditures of these funds contain virtually no restrictions. Federal account dollars are also the hardest to raise, as the federal account is subject to contribution limits, while the state account can raise unlimited amounts.

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A healthy balance in the federal account is crucial going into the 2024 election cycle, where both Presidential and U.S. Senate races appear on the ballot. Federal campaign finance law imposes allocation ratios on various party expenses that can be allocated between federal and state accounts.

For the 2022 election cycle, the allocation radio was a minimum of 15% of federal funds that had to be used for these expenditures since there was neither a Presidential nor Senate race on the ballot in Texas. For the 2024 election cycle, this allocation ratio jumps to 36% since the Presidential race and a Senate race will be on the ballot.

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