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Texas GOP Employee Co-Hosted Event Featuring Speakers Who Lauded Unabomber, Spread Conspiracy Theories

Troy Jackson Currently Serves as Texas GOP’s North Texas Regional Director

A recent event co-hosted by a Republican Party of Texas employee featured controversial speakers including a former Texas House candidate who has encouraged men not to get married and a former Republican Party of Texas employee who was fired after he posted video of himself accosting an employee of a Washington, DC restaurant at the center of a conspiracy theory.

Troy Jackson, who works as North Texas Regional Director for the Republican Party of Texas, was listed as a co-host of a “Biblical Citizenship” event at a North Texas Church that occurred on May 31. Among the featured speakers at the event were former Texas House candidate Jeff Younger and former Republican Party of Texas employee Kevin Whitt.

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During the 2022 Republican Primary, Jeff Younger was one of the largest recipients of campaign contributions from former State Representative Jonathan Stickland’s Defend Texas Liberty PAC, having received over $170,000 from it. Since being defeated by State Representative Ben Bumgarner in the Republican Primary runoff, Younger has used his social media accounts to post comments that have been critical of women, the church, and the Republican Party and has repeatedly expressed his opinion that men should not get married and should instead rely on surrogacy to have children.

On the subject of women, Younger has expressed his belief that “women who divorce perfectly decent men are whores” and “70+% of divorces are filed by women to gain control of the husbands resources and kids.” In another tweet, Younger stated “Modern women. Zero morality. Zero practical reason. Zero obedience. Zero chastity. Zero appeal.” Younger has also described single mothers as a “blight on society.”In response to a tweet about women being harassed in gyms, Younger tweeted, “Women enter men’s spaces, and then use bizarre charges of impropriety to police men’s every move. A woman in a skin suit is basically naked. Men have every right to stare at her.”Younger has also blamed societal ills on women, stating “Empowering women caused our present troubles.”On the Church, Younger has said “The modern Christian church is a dried leaf compared to the mighty tree of the early church. The modern church has left nothing untouched by its depravity; it has turned every value into worthlessness, and every truth into a lie, and every integrity into baseness of soul.”Despite being promoted by a Republican Party of Texas employee, Younger has been critical of Texas Republicans and the Republican Party.“Typical Tranny Texas. This disgusting state has been trying to trans my son for eight years. Now, no one can deny: Republican voters repeatedly elect outright child abusers. The Republican establishment and the voters are complete gobshites. We need not worry about Tranny Texas going blue. It’s already rainbow in the Brokeback Mountain State,” tweeted Younger last month.In describing his political philosophy, Younger has said, “Power is all that matters. No constitutional document, no non-aggression principle, no social norm will protect you. Acquire power and use it to destroy your enemies, or lose. That is all.”Younger has repeatedly urged men not to get married and to instead use surrogacy to have children. “The current laws governing the family are so bad, no man should marry. Men should have kids by adoption or surrogacy. That’s the only legal way to ensure fathers have rights to their kids,” said Younger in one tweet. “Marriage is a very bad deal for men. Avoid it. Christians who tell you to ignore the legal risks or who never mention the risks are fooling you.  If you accept martyrdom, by all means get married. If you don’t, don’t. Use surrogacy or adoption if you want kids,” said Younger in another tweet.After the recent passing of “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, Younger stated “Ted Kaczynski wasn’t insane, or even wrong, but merely ahead of the zeitgeist. F in the Chat.”In addition to Younger, the event co-hosted by Jackson featured former Republican Party of Texas employee Kevin Whitt as a speaker. Whitt worked briefly for the Republican Party of Texas during the chairmanship of Allen West. Whitt also performed paid work for Jeff Younger’s campaign for the Texas House.In early 2021, Whitt posted a video of himself at the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington, DC. Comet Ping Pong is at the center of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory which alleges that the restaurant is the hub of a child sex trafficking operation. In 2016, a gunman who claimed to be investigating the child sex trafficking claims entered the restaurant and fired multiple rounds.

In his video, Whitt is shown arguing with a waitress and asking her “How do you feel about working here in a restaurant who is known for pedophilia?” Whitt then proceeds to enter the dining area of the restaurant and begins shouting at the restaurant’s patrons. “Y’all are abusing children. You are pedophiles. Do not eat here,” said Whitt. “They are serving up dead kids.”After his firing, Whitt told the Texas Tribune that he “100% believe[s] that Pizzagate is real.”The Pizzagate conspiracy theory, while thoroughly debunked, has gained attention from others involved in Texas politics as well.Shelby Griesinger, who works as Chief of Staff for the political consulting firm Pale Horse Strategies, posted a tweet earlier this year that lent credence to the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory. “Remember when the son of CIA agent “shot up” Comet Ping Pong? And by “shot up” I mean fired one single bullet that just so happened to hit & destroy the computer server that this “restaurant” previously denied even having?…. Yeah…..”Pale Horse Strategies is owned by former State Representative Jonathan Stickland, and has been paid over $800,000 by his Defend Texas Liberty PAC.

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