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Near-Majority of SREC Sign Statement Denouncing Jonathan Stickland and Condemning Anti-Semitism

Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi Seemingly Losing Control of Executive Committee

Twenty-eight members of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), the governing body of the Republican Party of Texas, have now signed on to a revised statement published earlier this week condemning political consultant and former State Representative Jonathan Stickland.

The statement, which was initially released on October 18, 2023 with the signatures of 13 SREC members, was issued in response to media reports that notorious anti-Semitic commentator Nick Fuentes spent nearly an entire day in meetings at the offices of Jonathan Stickland- then the President of the Defend Texas Liberty PAC.

The Republican Party of Texas has received at least $332,500 from Defend Texas Liberty so far this year.

The SREC is composed of 64 members- a Committeeman and Committeewoman from each State Senate district in addition to the State Chair and Vice-Chair. There are currently four vacancies on the SREC. 

The latest version of the “Call for Accountability Call for Accountability by Select State Republican Executive Committee Members” includes a reference to a public statement issued by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick on October 23, 2023. In his statement, Patrick condemned those who attempt to spread anti-Semitic views within the Republican Party and called upon the “State Party” to “root out this cancer.”

“Let me put this as clearly as I can — if you are anti-Semitic, if you admire Hitler and don’t believe the Holocaust happened in Europe, if you hate Jews, you are NOT a Republican and you are not welcome in our party. Every Republican group in the state, no matter how small or how large, including our State Party, needs to root out this cancer. Before anyone is hired or appointed to a position of leadership, in addition to their resume and work record, their social media needs to be reviewed. Those who are anti-Semitic are not welcome in our party,” said Patrick.

According to a knowledgeable source, three other SREC members agreed to sign the letter but subsequently withdrew their names. The source states that those three members are Roman Klein from Senate District 17, Andrew Eller from Senate District 24, and Britton Brooks from Senate District 30. Eller’s name had appeared on a previous version of the letter that had been released publicly but did not appear on the newest version released earlier this week. 

Multiple members of the Texas Legislature are also said to have received contact from SREC members expressing frustration that allies of Republican Party of Texas State Chairman Matt Rinaldi within the SREC had been pressuring them to remove their names from the letter. 

The extent to which Rinaldi’s allies on the SREC have sought to pressure their colleagues against signing the letter indicates Rinaldi’s increasing loss of control over the SREC. Had the three SREC members who reportedly agreed to sign the letter and then backed out added their names, the letter would have contained the names of 31 of the 60 current members of the SREC. 

The full text of the SREC members’ letter is included below:

Time: 7:30 p.m., November 15, 2023 – For Immediate Release:

LATEST UPDATED SIGNATURES-A Call for Accountability by Select State Republican Executive Committee Members

In concurrence with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s October 23, 2023 statement calling upon the “State Party” to “root out” anti-Semitism, the following members of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) are committed to A Call for Accountability by Select State Republican Executive Committee Members made on October 18, 2023, now collectively representing 19 Senate Districts, notwithstanding four vacancies (SD-3, SD-19, SD-20 and SD-22):

Christin Bentley SD-1

Donnie Wisenbaker SD-1

Rhonda Ward SD-3

Susan Lucas SD-5

Bill Fairbrother SD-5

Tom Nobis SD-7

Susan Wright SD-10

Matt Tickus SD-10

Milinda Morris SD-13

Jan Duncan SD-14

Fernando Trevino SD-14

Gail Stanart SD-15

Rolando Garcia SD-15

Becky Green SD-17

Cheryl Thompson-Draper SD-18

Kelly Perry SD-19

Toni Trevino SD-21

Michael Monreal SD-21

Jon Ker SD-22

Mary Jane Avery SD-24

Chris Byrd SD-25

Karen Marshall SD-26

Quico Canseco SD-26

Morgan Graham SD-27

Lynda Hogue SD-28

Steve Evans SD-28

Tisha Crow SD-31

Vice Chair Dr. Dana Myers publicly expressed her support of the statement on October 18, 2023 and stands in solidarity with the undersigned members of the SREC.

A Call for Accountability by Select State Republican Executive Committee Members

On October 8, 2023 it was revealed that Nick Fuentes – a notorious anti-Semitic antagonizer and Nazi sympathizer – had recently spent the day with Defend Texas Liberty (DTL) PAC representatives in a proximity of other affiliated political organizations. Whilst we continue to embrace freedom of association, it does not go unattended with consequences, the nature of which being the purpose of this statement.

Notwithstanding silence regarding any explanation from DTL or its leader – Jonathan Stickland – about why Fuentes was there and who was responsible for the visit or its purpose, it has now been reported that Jonathan Stickland has been replaced as of yesterday and likely to preempt this statement. If true, we see one responsible step taken by DTL.

It is difficult to fathom what legitimate business any reputable political organization would have with Fuentes. Even if intentions were benign, granting a meeting with such a noxious personality undeservedly elevates him and casts an undeserving bad light on patriots working in the same lanes as DTL, namely the Republican Party of Texas (RPT).

Additionally, Fuentes’ shockingly vile statements and views are totally contrary to the conservative principles of Stickland’s benefactors, his clients and the RPT, especially considering the RPT’s recent resolution of condemnation of Hamas and support of Israel.

Given DTL’s prominence in conservative politics and its past support of the RPT, we – the undersigned members of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) — believe there is a moral obligation to speak boldly, publicly, and clearly on this matter.

We appreciate that RPT Chair Matt Rinaldi has forcefully denounced Nick Fuentes and clarified that he was not aware of DTL’s meeting with Fuentes and had no interaction with him. But due to the consequences that languish from DTL’s silence, more must be done.

Antisemitism and racism do not have refuge in the RPT, including its associations or partners.

Therefore, the RPT should not accept any donations from DTL until Stickland is removed and disassociated from DT and its benefactor organizations and a full accounting of the meeting is provided. Further, we encourage donors to dissociate themselves from DTL and Stickland until these steps are taken and demonstratively verified.

Fuentes’ views and Stickland’s tactics are abhorrent and totally antithetical to the principles of the Republican Party of Texas and to the conservatives who have trusted DTL for the cause of liberty and patriotism. Whether this was caused by a lapse in judgement, conscious disregard, poor leadership, or a faulty moral compass – Stickland and DTL must ultimately accept responsibility.

Jonathan Stickland has forfeited his right to any leadership role in conservative politics and accordingly complete disassociation from DTL, including its benefactors and the RPT is the only reconcilable outcome which is now being formally called upon to accomplish instanter.

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