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Leaders of Defend Texas Liberty-Funded Group Posted Anti-Semitic and Racially Charged Content

State Reps Harrison and Schatzline, Texas GOP Chair Rinaldi Scheduled to Participate in Upcoming True Texas Project Event

Leaders of the True Texas Project, an organization that has received significant funding from the embattled Defend Texas Liberty PAC, have a years-long record of posting antisemitic content on social media, as well as content attacking the Republican Party on racial issues. 

This information comes after a recent report from the Texas Tribune that well-known anti-Semite and white supremacist Nick Fuentes spent over six hours at the offices of the political consulting firm Pale Horse Strategies last week. Pale Horse Strategies is owned by former State Representative Jonathan Stickland, who also serves as President of the Defend Texas Liberty PAC. Stickland is a longtime supporter of and frequent speaker at True Texas Project events.

Defend Texas Liberty has contributed $47,000 to True Texas Project entities since 2022 and is responsible for the vast majority of the donations made to the True Texas Project PAC.

Fuentes is widely believed to run the @autumngroyper account on Twitter and has appeared on “Twitter Space” events on that account. The @autumngroyper account follows just 132 other accounts. Among the 132 accounts followed by the @autumngroyper account is the True Texas Project account, which also follows the @autumngroyper account.

Other accounts followed by @autumngroyper include those of Jonathan Stickland, Pale Horse Strategies employee Shelby Griesinger, and Texans for Strong Borders Executive Director Cary Cheshire.

In a Facebook post dated July 11, 2021, True Texas Project founder and CEO Julie McCarty wrote about her struggles with the biblical concept of blessing Israel after hearing a sermon from her pastor.

“Some of our toughest battles today, including LGBTQ, gambling, media news, movies, etc, are against corporations run by Jews,” wrote Julie McCarty. “It’s not a blanket statement bashing an entire people group, but I have to ask myself, “What does it mean to ‘bless Israel’ when I’m opposed to so much of what I see her people push.”

Julie McCarty’s husband, Fred McCarty, is a board member of True Texas Project and President of the True Texas Project PAC. Under the Twitter handle @littlefreddymac, Fred McCarty has posted various antisemitic memes. One meme posted by McCarty reads, “Kanye West has been in the news recently for claiming the Jews “control the banks and media platforms.” The Jews have denied these accusations before immediately banning him from the banks and media platforms.

Another meme posted by Fred McCarty features an image of the American flag with a word bubble saying, “I just want somebody to love me the way Republicans love Israel,” juxtaposed with images of Ben Shapiro, Dan Crenshaw, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz surrounding an Israeli flag.

The Texas Voice has previously reported on other comments made by Fred McCarty where he had attacked the Republican Party as well as Donald Trump for being, in his view, insufficiently supportive of white people. 

In a Twitter post dated November 4, 2020, Fred McCarty blasted Trump, stating, “Would it have killed Trump to do something/anything for white voters? He didn’t deliver shit. He did offer to give blacks a half a trillion dollars! That got him a nominal bump in support.”

On November 30, 2022, Fred McCarty posted an image of a tweet reading, “The Republican Party would rather America disappear than Whites identify as Whites” along with “#GOP.” In a tweet dated January 2, 2021, Fred McCarty wrote, “Republicans would rather lose than court white voters.”

Amid calls for those who have received donations from Stickland or Defend Texas Liberty to contribute those funds to pro-Israeli causes, at least two State Representatives- Stan Kitzman and Jared Patterson- have publicly announced they will do so. In a well-publicized statement, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick stated he would keep the donations he had received from Defend Texas Liberty. In his statement, Patrick noted that he had spoken to Tim Dunn, the largest donor to Defend Texas Liberty, who assured him that Stickland’s meeting was a “blunder” and that “mistakes were made and being corrected.”

Defend Texas Liberty subsequently issued a statement in support of Israel, as did other Republican officials who had received funding from Defend Texas Liberty. Fred McCarty, on the other hand, made a Facebook post dated October 7, 2023, where he stated, “Here’s me not giving  single solitary shit about the Middle East and its truly endless parade of terrible people.” In response to a comment blaming the Biden administration for providing funding for the attacks on Israel, Fred McCarty replied, “Biden’s cabinet is the most Zionist presidential cabinet in our history. They brag about it.”

Later this month, True Texas Project is scheduled to host a softball game in which several elected officials are scheduled to participate. Those include State Representatives Nate Schatzline and Brian Harrison, Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi, and Judges Alex Kim, Brent Hill, and Chance Oliver. 

Media Personality Chris Salcedo is scheduled to be the announcer for the game. Salcedo hosts a radio talk show on Houston radio station KSEV, which is owned by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, as well as a podcast for Texas Scorecard. Texas Family Project President Brady Gray will be acting as umpire. Before joining Texas Family Project, Gray was CEO of Pale Horse Strategies and was recently elected Chairman of the Parker County Republican Party.  

The True Texas Project softball game is scheduled for October 28. 

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